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Wow that was a long time ago. I can’t believe I said stuff like that. Okay here’s the deal, I know I haven’t posted in almost a year but after a while I just thought it would be weird if I posted after so long. But today I realized I have something to say. Well sort of. First lets start with my expectations. I don’t actually think anyone will ever read this or anything but I think it’s a good way to vent my feelings, to stay writing in the very least. And if anyone does ever read this well then good luck deciphering this hodgepodge of thoughts. So I probably won’t write all that often, just when I feel like it.

Since the last time I posted a lot of things have happened. Here’s the basic lowdown. I’m a sophomore, I’m taking psychology, english, crafts and photography A day B day, and civics and economics. I’m single. I’m working on my IB personal project in Fashion/Portrait Photography. I just had my b-day but I won’t get my license until the beginning of July. My mom works at the Raptor Center now and my dad is still a professor at UNCC.

I feel like last year’s posts seem really…weird. I was so stuck up almost. Like telling people how to handle guys when I don’t have any idea myself really. Haha I’m such a drama queen at heart. Oh my gosh I also used to post my Facebook statuses as Taylor Swift lyrics and hope my boyfriend/exboyfriend would get the hint. I can’t believe I was so uncomfortable with guys. But then, I really haven’t had a bf since like april anyways so I wouldn’t know if I’m really willing to share my feelings with a guy. Sometimes I wish I had a bf just so I had someone that I saw everyday or at least talked to everyday that I could tell everything. But then when a senior asked me out earlier this semester I said no because I didn’t think I had time to deal with a bf. So who knows, maybe if the right person asked.

I’m trying to change my style to a more artsy bohemian feel. I just feel like my clothes are such a turmoil of different styles and aestetics. I wanted to pick one that went with who I am and who I want to be. I tried to cut up some of my old clothes today. It was awful and an epic fail. Good thing I don’t want to be a fashion designer. Maybe a stylist, a store buyer, or some other field in fashion. My mom has definitely not accepted this yet, she still wants me to be an engineer. I feel like everyone wants me to be something I’m not. All I want to do is apply to the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, the London College of Fashion, or Parsons, major in Fashion Merchandising, and get a job under a stylist, a designer, or at a major fashion magazine. But they all think I should go to Harvard or Dartmouth or somewhere Ivy League. I don’t know…. I guess I have another year or two to convince them or figure out that I want to do something else. I do also like human rights, traveling, and government work. Maybe I’ll pick something like that but I wouldn’t say I’m exactly passionate about it.

So basically my life is a mess, it has been a mess, it will probably always be a mess. Alrighty I’m signing off.




New Semester!


Well it’s a bran new semester! I have an all new set of classes, Earth Environmental Sceince, English, World History, and Biology. All the hard classes. I’m not too worried but I know I’m going to have to work hard to get all A’s like last semester. I think I’m really going to like World History once we get past prehistory. Prehistory is all archeology and anthropology which my dad has a doctorate in so it’s all stuff i’ve been hearing about since I was like five. Bio seems like it’s a lot of what we learned last year, good thing I had a great teacher, I loved ms. phleiter last year, she was hard but she taught us a boat load of stuff. The teacher has sort of a dry sense of humor and she seems cool. Earth/Enviro might be hard, hard to tell, but I really like ms. huth, she seems cool, kinda lazy and relatable. I ate english. I mean the teacher is nice enough but I dislike the class. I can keep up with it I think but only because I loved my teacher last year so much. Mrs. Norfleet falls way short of Mrs. Witte. Miss her loads.

But other than new teachers I also have a new boyfriend! He’s awesome, he’s super sweet and I love spending time with him. Where the other ones would just send me a text he call every night to say good night, I love him to death for that. Though sometimes I’m not so nice cause I’m tired, but I like to think I make it up later. I’ve known him for a while, we “went out” in elementary school, but I haven’t really seen him since then. We were pretty good friends 1st semester but when I broke up with will he asked me out. I really wanted to say yes but my mom wouldn’t let me until this semester. That’s one of the other cool things about him, he waited 2 months to go out with me. I couldn’t wait that long, I get bored easily… But he’s so great, I hope it lasts a lot longer than my recent boyfriends.

With the new semester also started soccer conditioning. I’ve only been to one so far cause I missed the first one and then we got a boatload of snow so the other ones were canceled but it’s been pretty hard core. We ran four four hundreds and then four two hundreds. But we’re going to have to run a mile and a half in 11 minutes for tryouts and I suck at running so I’m a lot worried. Plus I’m missing the actual tryouts because I’m going on this three day trip to the Outer Banks for Bio. I’m a bad tryer outer anyways so maybe since I’ll get to practice with the team a little my chances will be better. That’s what I’m hoping at least.

Well that’s it for now! Love Love Love!


Top Ten Rules of Boys


I felt the need to write this list after pointing out to myself several rules girls should follow when dating and crushing on guys. I know that we can’t always follow the rules, it all depends on the situation but I find these a good guideline.

1. Make sure you know your guy before you go out with him. You never know with guys and getting to know them first makes you safer and strengthens your relationship. Plus you get to know his flaws and such. I get bored with guys because I don’t do enough of this.

2. You can’t examine every little thing they do and expect them to do the same. The plain old truth is, boys are stupid. They don’t realize what they’re doing half the time and you really shouldn’t obsess. I’m a super obsesser and it’s gotten me no where.

3. For every guy out there you date you are the rule. If he wants to date you he will make it happen and ask you out. If you hear a story about a miracle relationship, they are the exception that proves the rule and you are the rule. Except of course, for the one. To him, you are the exception.

4. DO NOT DUMP A GUY OVER THE INTERNET. Even the phone is more personal, and NO a text does not count. You’re going to kill the guy by doing this gals, trust me I’m not brave at all but you’ll both be better for it, promise.

5. When a guy dumps you, you are allowed to be upset but don’t let it turn you into a bitch, nobody likes that. As much as it makes you feel better to diss him, it’s not cool at all. How would you feel if he started dissing you after the break up? It sucks. So don’t do it to him, move on and show him your strength.

6. If your guy doesn’t make a move after a month, he’s scared. After a month all the “the guy has to make the first move” b.s. goes down the drain, got it? Take charge. That way the relationship moves along at a pace YOU are comfortable with. You have the control.

7. Being all “I love you!” “My girl rocks!” “Kisses, XOXOXO” on facebook or wherever is fine, but remember, it’s what happens in real life that makes a relationship. People can be really different on the internet than in person, braver, more likely to say things they don’t mean.

8. Make sure that you’re happy. Sure, a little fighting is to be expected, but if you would be altogether happier without the guy, then he isn’t THE guy. That’s what relationships in high school are about, beginning the search, sure, but mostly, having fun and learning about yourself.

9. Everyone has a busy life, we all juggle all sorts of commitments. But if you really like a guy, you’ll make space for him. You’ll find the spaces in your busy schedule and want to spend time with him, even if it isn’t every second of everyday. It’s the little moments that count.

10. He is not your whole life. When you get a boyfriend I know it’s exciting and you want to spend every moment with them. You want to talk about them all the time. But remember, you had a life before them and you’ll have one after. You can’t ignore your friends or fill your time with them talking about him. You can’t ditch your commitments for him. Make sure that your goals and values (cheesy I know) match up with what you’re doing. You have to plan so that you don’t miss out on the things you used to love. And always, sisters before misters ;)

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Sleepy Sunday


I survived my first rugby game without a single injury! YAYS! No scratches or black eyes or anything! Not even a sore throat from yelling at fly half. I really like playing fly half, they didn’t think I could do it and be assertive enough but I think I did better than the first half fly half. Rugby is fun, despite what you might think. It’s a little physical but it’s more athletic and strategic. You have to be in good shape to make it work and be able to evaluate the whole field very quickly. I like the strategic bit, that’s why I think fly half is so much fun, you set everybody up.

That’s about all I have to say about rugby. It’s almost Christmas so everybody is in a frenzy. I hate anything Christmas related before December 1st, I find it inappropriate. But we’re into December now so it’s all tolerable. Personally, I like the sales. I decided to wait until after Christmas to spend any of my Birthday/Christmas money. I’ll have more money and I won’t have to worry about buying something that someone got me for Christmas. I really do love Christmas, it’s fun to see all my family, I like all the time together, it’s the one time I get to see them almost all year long. Plus of course there’s all the presents.

But what I’m really waiting for is 2nd semester, it starts in January after exams and it’s then that I get to date again. My mom is worried that I’m going to be a soul crusher and that I need a little time off from boys. It’s new for me to have the boys lined up one after another like I do. It didn’t take long after Will for a new one to ask me out. I really like him, too. Even though him and my friend Savannah almost had a thing. But it’s all good, everybody loves Savannah, she’s so pretty but so down to earth, I love her.

On the subject of boyfriends, I’m so tired of the drama people make up. I heard my ex was being pissy and decided to diss me when somebody asked about the breakup. I understand being upset but you don’t have to be mean. People tell me he has the right to make himself feel better but I don’t think he has to do it by telling people our old business. I hate drama. All of it, and I hate myself that I’m such a people pleaser that I care what they think but it’s true, I do care. Some people are just hurtful and they won’t make it far bringing other people down, you just gotta remember that.

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Picks of the Week



Bust A Move;;Young MC;; I love this song, it’s got a beat and is so funny!

I Got A Feeling;; Black Eyed Peas;; my youth leader asked me what song said ‘Mazeltov’ and about five girls turned around and said, oh that’s I Got A Feeling. It made my day.


The Letters of Napoleon to Josephine;;Napoleon I Emperor of the French;;epic love letters, I want this book of them so bad.


New Moon;; Taylor Lautner is sexy. so much better than the first one.

The Blind Side;; so good. I loved it.


Survivor;; Russell is the best survivor ever, I tip my hat to you.

Project Runway;; even though evil Irina won I’m not so upset, she had the best collection.



I’m not having the best week. Though I did just get back from a thanksgiving break at the beach that was pretty wonderful. But my whole body is pretty much in pain. Firstly I have a cold and have been coughing, sneezing, and stuffed up the last couple of days. I have a black eye and popped capillaries in my eye from getting kicked in the face in rugby last week. I have a scrape/bruise on my elbow and a bruise on my shoulder from falling out of the hammock. I can’t sleep right cause I’ll lay on my shoulder of press against my eye or can’t breathe through my nose, suckage. Oh and me and my bf broke up. We weren’t really acting like a couple so I didn’t see the point. Another guy immediately asked me out and I kinda said yes but I don’t think I’m ready to go out again. Plus my mom said I can’t go out until 2nd semester. That’s probably a good rule, no more than 2 a semester. But hey, back to school tomorrow, I’ll just have to suck it up. But my hair also looks pretty, I straightened it and it looks really good. Well that’s it for now. I’m going to go post picks.

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My favorite MLIA’s for today.


Today, I had to walk through a dodgy part of town at night, and passed a prostitute. I’m a rugby player and I was wearing my jersey, she asked “Hey big boy, you play sports?” I didn’t want any part of her, but wanting to be polite, I responded “Yeah, I play for my university rugby team, I’m the hooker.” After realizing what I just said, I awkwardly walked away. MLIA.

Today, while working at my job as the keeper for the lorikeet exhibit at the zoo, I got very bored and began singing to myself. The second I did, 5 birds flew to me and landed across my arms. The little girl who saw this immediately ran to her mom and yelled “You SEE?? Snow White IS real!!!” and pointed at me. Best moment of my life. MLIA

Today, I asked my girlfriend of three years to marry me. She said no. Feeling hurt and confused I nodded and got up from kneeling, only to see her get down on her knee and propose to me with a ring-pop. I accepted. MLIA

Today I cut my leg on a chair at school and got blood on my pants. At least six of my friends came up to me and told me seriously that I had gotten my period, and one gave me a tampon. I’m a 15 year old guy… who goes to an all guys school… who is still wondering where Bobby got that tampon. MLIA.

Today, my friend was talking about a calculator he wanted. He couldn’t think of the word “calculator”, though, so he said, “I want one of those black things that does stuff for me.” Almost immediately, a shy kid in the back says, “What? A slave?” I still haven’t calmed down. MLIA

Today, some men whistled at me when I walked down the street. I’m a male. I felt pretty. MLIA

Today, a really attractive guy was working out in front of me on the treadmills at the gym. I used him as motivation to run faster, visualizing that I could reach him if I ran fast enough. He kept turning around to look at me. At first I was flattered but then I realized it was because I had been muttering “my precious” creepily under my breath. MLIA.

Today, my math teacher slipped and fell on the floor. Twice. The second time, the entire class stood up and burst into applause. As my teacher stood up, he said: “Thank you for giving me a standing ovation as I went down.” The vice principal walked in just in time and added, “that’s what she said.” MLIA

Today, in class, my teacher was taking attendance when he threw me one of my tops, telling me that I forgot it the night before. The entire class was speechless. Little did they know, the teacher is my half brother and last night was the end of my weekend at Mom’s. MLIA.

Today, I was in my dorm bathroom and someone had written ‘Pirates Rock!’ on the wall. I thought it was kind of funny. Then someone turned off the lights and I realized someone else had written ‘Ninjas are better’ in glow in the dark ink over top. So. Much. Win. MLIA

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Gay Mah-wedge.


Okay. I’m fresh off the presses with this one, just came home from my Gay-Straight Alliance meeting and I thought it was pretty beast. It was about Gay Marriage and there were some great points. One of my favorite being that if they let gays get married it would be a huge econic bust for all these gays to have big expensive weddings all at once. lol. But on a more serious note, my general idea with gays and anything gay rights movement related is that we’re the love movement, how do you get more pure and right than that? On the topic of God vs. the Gays. Lordy, lordy, lordy. The basic principles of christianity are love god, check, and love everybody else, *cough* that doesn’t mean love everyone but the gays. And to the whole thing where being gay is a sin, the ten places where that is referenced are nothing compared to the like 300 places where straight practices are repremanded. Plus, the Irealites couldn’t do anything, like eat shellfish. And most of the other references don’t have anything to do with gays really when taken in context. Now. God vs. the Gays. If being gay is a sin and god hates the gays why would he create them in the first place. Reality check, god loves the gays just as much as he loves everyone else, in fact I think they get bonus points for being so open about love. So in conclusion, gay people rock.

“Hate on me, hater, Now or later ‘Coz I’m gonna do me, You’ll be mad, baby. Go ‘head and hate, Go ‘head and hate on me, hate on. ‘Coz I’m not afraid of it, What I got I paid for. You can hate on me.”

Picks of the Week


Taking Chances;;Celine Dione;; so pretty but even better on Glee ;)

Defying Gravity;; Wicked;; such a great song, also good on Glee, but omg the original…

21 Guns;; Green Day;; powerful.


none this week…


none this week.


Glee;; shout out after two weeks of baseball, blurg.

Project Runway;; finale next week! My picks made it through, I’m chill as long as Irina doesn’t win.

Project Runway+Glee


No glee this week! I was planning on watching it on my computer yesterday as we missed it being in the car all wednesday night but there wasn’t one! I’ve been informed that there was a baseball game on instead. Yes. Freakin baseball. WHO CARES ABOUT BASEBALL?!?! it’s like the lamest most boring sport ever. Nothing exciting ever happens and it goes on forever. I don’t understand how it ever became America’s pastime, but ti sure isn’t anymore. I would say basketball, football, and soccer are all more popular sports. Which is why I ask, who on earth would pick to watch baseball over glee? COME ON FOX! Glee has to have better ratings and a bigger viewing audience, put the stupid baseball game on Fox2 or something. *sigh* guess I’ll just have to wait for next week for a new Glee.

Speaking of disappointing television. Project Runway made me sad last night. I love Carrol Hannah and Althea. Everyone else is either bitchy or terrible. Logan was cute and really nice plus his design wasn’t terrible. Gordana’s thing was just ugly. All her designs have been boring grey or the same, variations on a knee length, strapless dress. Don’t even get me started on Christopher and his ugly ass crap. They’ve let him slide 5 weeks in a row. He’s riding on the stuff he did well the first five weeks but he’s just been a train wreck recently. I can’t stand him. In conclusion, they are both worse designers than Logan and deserved to be out before him but, alas, I am not a judge.

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